about us


welcome to bleubleu, your go-to destination for quality and style. We are a small business from Sydney and started our journey on a mission to provide high-quality trend pieces without breaking the bank.

at bleubleu, we exclusively range sustainable and soft fabrics, like cotton and cotton-blends, that are durable, versatile and chic. We partnered up with a few handpicked manufacturers and every piece in our range goes through our own quality control: two wild toddler boys.

It's essential to understand that bleubleu employs a direct shipping model, utilizing our partner warehouses spread across Europe and Asia. In cases where multiple items are part of your order, they might be dispatched separately due to our diverse supplier network specializing in various manufacturing sectors.

This approach serves three compelling purposes:

  1. We're all about reducing redundancy! While we adore the notion of charming packaging, we've made a conscious decision to minimize our carbon footprint by avoiding redundant shipping and packaging for each item. We trust that you won't judge our products by their exterior appearance when your order arrives, as we assure you that the true value lies within.

  2. Even more excitingly, this method yields cost-efficiencies, which we eagerly pass on to our valued customers: YOU GUYS.

  3. Unlike other direct shipping-models, we carefully picked only a handful of suppliers that we have a personal relationship with to ensure a very smooth and hassle-free shopping process. 

Thank you so much for dropping by. We would love to see YOU love our pieces as much as we do. Follow our journey on instagram and tag us @bleubleu.shop